Services Offered

We offer a wide array of services to artists, producers & DJ's. We are able to achieve an amazing sound that many have come to love. You may be an artist who is looking for a new place to record. Or another possibility, you are an artist who records at home. Or maybe you are a producer who is looking to get your beats mixed or looking to get started in the engineering game. No matter what the need is, Metikulus is capable of completing the task you need.

Services offered are:

Audio Recording
Vocal Editing (Correcting the notes you have sung)



Billed hourly **2 hours minimums

Record to the mp3, Wav or Tracked Out Stems

Simple mix (included in the time booked)

**$20 Add-On Note Correction Option Available

**Default rate for songs recorded elsewhere & just needing a mix (no minimum hours)



Billed per song

Record to the mp3, Wav or Tracked Out Stems

Deep mix (Note Correction work included)

3 hours included (recording and mixing)



Billed per song

Record to the mp3, Wav or Tracked Out Stems

Surgical mix (Note Correction work included)

Mastering included **$100 Value

3 hours included (recording and mixing)

** All payments must be made at the time of booking. **
** To cancel a session, we will need a minimum of 48hrs advance notice to not lose your deposit. **

Send Me Your Music!

Whether you have a studio session with Metik, or you wish to send in your music that you need mixed or mastered, you can use the tab on this page to send it in.

Songs that get sent in to get mixed and/or mastered GENERALLY have a 48-72 hour turnaround time, depending on studio scheduling.

Send all e-transfers to:


** When sending in an e-transfer, please add the name of the song, and your email address in the optional message to the sender.

Please have your vocals in MONO when exported from your DAW with no EQ or FX, as these will be taken care of in the mix.

Studio Photo Gallery

Examples of Our Work

Here are some of the artists who have released their music to Spotify that was mixed by Metikulus.


"Metik really has an ear, plus he has been making music for ages! With the knowledge and experience he has, there is no doubt that he is the "go to" guy for your music. We can't forget to mention that he loves and is dedicated to the music he partakes in daily. Every time something needs to get done, it usually always ends up coming out even quicker and sounding better than expected in the first place!"

@Riccipayne (IG) [Recording Artist]

"Metik is a close friend that helped me through a lot of personal obstacles. He always encouraged me to find that passion we used to share as teens. I've known him for over 25 years and because of our bond, we began to work on my music before I ever stepped foot in the studio. We took the time to explore and see what fits. He has a great ear and gives precise feedback as how to improve your sound."

@VivaLableue (IG) [Recording Artist]

"It always feels organic when working with Metikulus. His fun and entertaining personality makes you feel comfortable bringing out your true self in the studio."

@4040Wallace (IG) [Recording Artist]

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